Wattletree Consulting Provides

An end to end consultancy for producers, consumers, and investment funds, who have exposure to agricultural commodity price fluctuations.

Specialised Client Services


We understand that grain growers generally don’t have the necessary research, resources or time to devise and execute a strategic marketing plan.  We work as a business partner to our grower clients, seeking to consistently achieve prices that are within high decile ranges, while maintaining an appropriate risk profile.  We operate in the markets each and every day, advising our clients both on risks and opportunities in seeking to fulfill their specific grain pricing objectives.


We seek first to protect your consumer business from high prices associated with drought, and secondly, to achieve lower prices over time.  We bring insights to the management of price risk for consumers which are not commonly understood, with the goal of ensuring your business is protected from the impact of drought and its effect on prices.  We also seek to ensure that your input prices for agricultural commodities are below market averages.

Investment Funds

We work with investment funds to provide insight, planning and execution of both grain marketing and purchasing strategies, considering your investor(s) needs and goals.  We work as a business partner, operating in the market on your behalf each day.

Operational returns are an important element of attracting additional investment.  We work with funds to boost operational returns, thus providing a more secure footing by which to attract additional investment funds.

Supply chain and inventory financing

Through our extensive knowledge of the Australian grain supply chain, and the Australian financial sector, we are able to assist our clients in devising better supply chain solutions, along with arranging inventory financing.

Our Approach

We apply an integrated approach, where appropriate, which encompasses both the physical commodity markets and their associated financial derivative markets in seeking to achieve our clients’ goals


Wattletree Consulting was formed in 2018 in response to a need by participants in the Australian grain marketing industry for a professionally managed price risk management consultancy.